Art in Clover creates digitally painted art from your photographs

I love to take pretty pictures! When I was given my first camera, I fell in love with the process and began taking classes. I joined the Professional Photographers of America in 1985 while still operating my grooming shop that I had started in the early 70's after attending the Florida School of Grooming. I set up a studio in my grooming shop and my grooming clients took advantage of being able to have their precious pets photographed while they were just off the grooming table and looking grand. It was a win-win!

I enjoy photographing just about anything but I'll always have a special "love" of working with pets. I've worked with pets forever or so it seems. After selling my grooming business, I opened a photography studio in the Florida Keys specializing in glamour photography, photographed some interesting commercial work, weddings but rarely even saw a dog or cat, except mine own. I continued to attend courses offered by the PPA and Florida Professional Photographers and some summer school courses with NC Professional Photographers. After a number of years, I decided to relocate to back to NC to be closer to friends and family and began a national mobile animal photography business hosted by grooming shops that wanted to offer their clients this service. I loved travelling all over the country and working with groomers and clients and their pets. I have been so fortunate to have worked with the cream of the crop when it comes to dedicated, superb groomers and loyal loving pet owners. Being on the road almost constantly is extremely hard work and can be physically draining, but when I started to photograph, I forgot all about being tired and was in my zone. The exhilarating feeling when I snapped the shutter and knew I had captured that "perfect" expression made it all worthwhile. I still see pictures I have taken on groomer websites all the time.

Life happens! and I had to close our mobile photography business so I am now in Clover, SC and still photograph on a smaller scale which has afforded me the opportunity and time to learn other related subjects I've wanted to learn. I have been blessed for the past few years with art instruction from such talented, creative instructors who share their talents and techniques, as well as taking online classes on digital art in pastels, oils and watercolor painting. I have also been taking classes on web design and, as always, I am striving to stay abreast of the fast evolving technology and trends in my favorite craft, photography.