Art in Clover creates digitally painted art from your photographs

I've included a lot of information that might be helpful but all you really need to do is call Brenda @ (919) 341-5030 or (704) 457-9556 or send me an email:

Creating a digital painting, very much like traditional painting, the painting process begins with a vision. I create my digital paintings from original photographs (a vision of the subject of your painting) that you supply. It is very important that the images are in focus with sharp details of the main subject of your painting. Large file sizes are preferred. It should be noted that it is not just a matter of enlarging a small print. (If you have questions about this or the file sizes that you have, please feel free to email me your questions.) Copyright caution: If you have professional photographs that you want to send, it will be necessary to have written permission from your photographer/studio.

It may be necessary to supply me a number of different images; for example, you have a great face pose but you want more than their face in the picture, i.e, their body, hands, etc. Depending on the orientation of your image it may be possible to combine the two. I've had clients email me a number of pictures of their spouse and totally different pictures of their dogs that they want included and then they wanted their painting to be made with their favorite beach in the background. Their 20x24 canvas turned out beautiful and is displayed over the mantel in their living room.

I'm always glad to discuss with the variety of options for your art piece and estimates on your investment costs.

It's all a matter of what you want and what your vision is.